January 29, 2010

working from home.

sorry i haven't posted in a while
busy schedules at home
traveling for work
training for a half marathon
do not lend well to keeping up with the blog
but i've been trying to keep up with reading yours! 

today, however, i installed lightroom 2.6 
and have loads of errands to run for work
but hopefully i'll be able to make some time 
to have lunch with h
get some laundry done
and make an emergency grocery trip
before all this snow hits! 

for today
i wanted to share with you a post i recently found
about tips for  
working from home.

everyone always asks me:
don't you LOVE working from home?
don't you LOVE working in your pjs?
do you get bored? lazy? lonely?

i don't love it,
although i love the situation it puts me in - 
getting to live with my love
and near my loves
in the city i love,
but i wouldn't wish it on anyone.
i always wear "real clothes"
although usually jeans.
i don't get bored or lonely.
if i do i work from a coffee shop for a bit.
i try not to be too lazy.

but this post really highlighted some GREAT tips
some that i stick to and work for me
and others i've never heard of 
and some i want to try. 

some of her tips
(just the main bullet points):

be healthy
this is probably one i'm pretty good at 
and that has improved greatly since working from home.
i eat a good, healthy breakfast & lunch,
and i'm not as stressed when i go to bed
knowing if i don't get to shower until noon it's okay.
get up and get dressed in the morning as if you have a "regular" job
i strongly agree.
set mini-deadlines
 i'll only let myself check google reader & twitter
if i can check something off my list ( :
keep up with the housework
this is really easy when you have to spend hours
on long conference calls
mostly on mute hehe.
get out of the house once a day
i usually walk the pup
or go out to lunch with a friend
or walk to the coffee shop
or if it's raining, do work from the coffee shop.
it feels good to have a change of pace!
work of a task list
love this -- i use tadalists to keep my to do lists
personal & work related
gaurd your time
 i find it easier to do this from home
because at the office i was very social
and now i can choose when i'm ready to "chat"
and when it's time for work.
allow plenty of time for pootling
see conference call, above. 
i don't always get to do this,
but sometimes if i'm having a really hard day
i'll spend an extra half hour in bed
(clutching my phone of course)
and work through my lunch.
reward yourself frequently
i usually do this by taking a fru-fru lunch 
going out 
or watching trashy tv for a 1/2 hour
or making cookies.
break the rules sometimes
i am not afforded this luxury
but occasionally
i'll run a personal errand after i run 8028320 work errands.
all my time has to be accounted for, 
so it's not really breaking any rules.

do you work from home?
how do you function?
do you wish you worked from home?

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