January 20, 2010

january faves.

apologies for the lack of a creative photo
adobe lightroom has been ordered
and is currently being held hostage
by my wonderful artisitic sister.

i thought i'd share some of my favorite recent purchases.
since i'm bored.
and really excited about them.

my new camelbak has saved me (thanks h!).
before i met my bpa-free friend,
i spilled water ALL over me
on the treadmill.
now i drink confidently.

in "sittin' in a tree" pattern.
vera was so smart to redesign this.
i figured,
at the rate i travel
i ought to be organized.

les recommended this book.
i'm throughly enjoying it thus far.
although it is a little wierd.

in hot pink (obvi)
(i purchased from barnes & noble).
love these!!!!

i have to confess
i haven't tried this dry shampoo yet
but i was so excited to get it!
i'm currently waiting 'till my hair gets greasier.

i got this magazine
from a "cash-in" of my jetblue frequent flier miles.
best (free) investment yet!
i've made 13920 things so far!

hope you're having a good week!

1 comment:

esull said...

love the camelbak, love the moleskines, LOVE the dry shampoo :)