January 18, 2010

can't buy love.

i'm twenty-five.
it seems that all of my friends in long term relationships
are all getting engaged and/or married.
more power to them -
but it's not for h & i
right now.
i feel no pressure and no rush
and no fear of a need to prove our commitment to each other.
i think we have a good, healthy, loving relationship
if i do say so myself.

the past few months have felt like something out a movie:
stories of
cheating, backstabbing, heartbreak.
couples with
amazingly decorated houses
in the most amazing neighborhoods
amazing designer clothes for their
amazing high-profile jobs to come home to their
perfect families
and a lack of love.

private jets and
thousand-dollar coffee machines and
children and
posh vacations
can't put together a relationship again.

my heart breaks for them.
and i am reminded
(yes, me, albiet my obsession with designer jeans
and wanna-be perfect decorating)
that money can't buy love
and that i am so thankful for what i have
in my family and friends
and my wonderful boyfriend
and my unconditionally loving puppy.
so thank you
to all those who love
on me and on the world
because lord knows we need it.


Rachel said...

I love you. That's all :)

PS, are you still reading Same Kind of Different as Me for bookclub? I am really enjoying it!

emily posner said...


Michelle said...

Well said, my friend! I couldn't agree more.