volume ii.

the story:

years ago i was a very happy-go-lucky girl
and then i graduated from college
conveniently moved in with my boyfriend at the time
and started a grown-up job. 
my life was mediocre. 
i woke up.
went to work.
came home.
ate dinner.
went to bed.
started it all over again.

my convenient boyfriend and i broke up.
i was devastated -
my life was SO comfortable.
i didn't have to think about anything.
everything was just going on its own.
but i wasn't really happy.
i didn't like where i was living.
i didn't have many fulfilling friendships.

i moved into my own apartment.
in the part of town i really liked.
i was very social.
i thought about life
and what made me happy.
one day i bought a necklace.
i wore it every day.
i made a wish.
i wished for peace
and to be happier than i used to be
and not be afraid of love.
when it fell off, 
your wish was going to come true.
i started a blog on a mac website:
wishbones & the art of right regrets.
i was happy again.

one day,
shortly after i met h,
(for the third time i think)
it fell off while i was i getting dressed.
i was angry. 
i had forgotten about the wish.
it had been wearing it for over a year.
i taped it to my mirror so i wouldn't lose it.
and i brought it with me to my next apartment
taped to my mirror.

for our first valentine's day,
h bought me this necklace,
it wasn't going to break he said.
(he didn't know about the wish.
he must have thought i was obsessed with the broken necklace,
it moved with me three times
i still have it taped to a shadowbox).
it meant something to him.
the karma
and the love.
i wear it often.

when i left my mac blog,
i named this blog volume ii.
the next step,
in my (not-so-perfect but very) happy life.