November 06, 2009


as a tight-knit extended family of 12, we try to consolidate the inter-family gift giving by having a thanksgiving "secret santa." last year, we tried (i organized) a white elephant gift exchange, which went rather well, but did not bode well for future events.

this year, i tried to get out of organizing anything. in the past when we did the traditional secret santa, you sent in the list of things you wanted. might as well just spend $50 on yourself and call it a day. i mean, what fun is that?

so, i decided to try something new. my first suggestion was voted down by the "aunts," the ruling party in the family p: everyone donate $15 and we decide on a charity, much like a giving circle. oops. people want gifts and we already feed the homeless after thanksgiving dinner. ugh.

next idea: book exchange. in a family of doctors (and to-be doctors), accountants, architects, scientists, humanitarians, and artsy-folks, this will work. hopefully. everyone brings 1 wrapped, new (sigh, i wish it didn't have to be, but if you did so well they already own the book, what's a person to do?) book ($10-$15 limit since the economy is a hurtin') for a selected (by me) person. i am praying to the god of secret santas that this works out flawlessly. considering the only responses i've gotten have been "oy!" (thanks, dad), and "make sure i get so-and-so, they are the ONLY one that will get me something i want," (coughauntcough), praying is all we got right now! 

don't let anyone know that i'm really quite excited about this. ( ;

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PartyWeDo said...

The book exchange is a great idea. I just wrote about a blogger book swap on my blog.

Our family has been doing an online white elephant/yankee swap for the past 3-years.
We live all over the country so it is the perfect way to share gifts (eCommerce) and visit on the internet.
Our 11 players spent 19-days going back and forth in the party. We shared over 800 comments, videos and images in the game. We talk about it all year long.

Have a great time with your family this year... Happy Holidays