November 06, 2009

[long overdue] champaign/urbanna update.

i had the most wonderful food & friends experience last month in illinois. two restaurants in particular deserve some shout-outs - the courier cafe (photos above) in urbana & the red herring also in the urbana/champaign area. 

les & i went to the courier cafe for saturday breakfast. the decor was the cutest and the food was great! i had potato pancakes and les had a traditional eggs & potatoes breakfast with some dark chocolate coffee (mmmm...). 

just as she explained here, les started out telling me that the red herring was similar to our favorite college restaurant, the little grill in harrisonburg, virginia (just a peek at their website makes me wish i was there right now!), and honestly, she couldn't have been more right! les, machel & i went for lunch. it was a little different than the little grill, but the food was on par. if i could get the recipe for their falafel, i would be in heaven! 

i should also mention that les is the expert hostess! her apartment was super cute, equipped with the cutest decor. i loved her shabby chic bedroom rug & shower curtain (she always gets the best finds)!  


i love her style & loved hanging out & seeing her new location! bottom line: i can't wait to go back!


Rachel said...

This makes me jealous!

PS - How'd you make the photo collage?

PPS - When do I get to see you again?!

LES said...

bottom line: C-U wants you to visit again very soon! thanks for the adorable post---it reminded me of our fun weekend :) miss you!

rachel said...

love you girls!