September 06, 2009


pretty excited about this 3-day weekend. yesterday we didn't do much... ran errands, yardsaled a little bit, watched the first bit of college football... but it doesn't really matter because we still have 2 days left of the "weekend!"

plans for the rest of the weekend:
  • buying paint to finish the foyer piece i bought at a yardsale last weekend (already sanded, for $40). i'm thinking about painting it red, but we'll see how i feel when i get to the store! hopefully our local pleasant's hardware will be open on sundays. welcome to the south...
  • going to the grand opening sale that started yesterday at u-fab (thanks alison!), a discount fabric store that i just found out about! h has been bugging me to get some curtains in my room... it's too bright to sleep in! (as i type this, he and v are laying in bed, snoring in rythem... guess it doesn't bother him too much!) it's been hard to match my crazy comforter and green walls again, without whiting out the whole room.
  • catch up on some photography... since i moved i've hardly taken out my camera.
corcoran gallery of art, networking event, june 2009
  • go to h's dad's house for dinner... this could be the meeting of the daddys, as he's invited my old man too (who is on-call, but is going to try & come)... more on this later. we're also planning on sanding an old ugly side table for the living room. i'll have a before and after of all the things my new roomie c & i have been up to!
  • going to river with baby v and her boyfriend, vasco, a dopey golden retriever. i am vowing to take photographs, that is, unless i get trampled. i am having a little puppy syndrome. i almost took mocha home with me yesterday from petsmart. in fact, i may add going to get her to my list of things to do this weekend. baby v would LOVE her as a little sister! (well... maybe not... but i would!)
photo courtesy of b.a.r.k.

oh yea... and relaxing... ( : that is, until my babylock comes in, and i have to start on all my new projects!

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Rachel said...

Little Mocha is so sweet and cute :) you should get her!