September 01, 2009


so one of my most favorite blogs, the pioneer woman, has developed a new website, tastykitchen. if you haven't been to either of the websites, you absolutely must! even h sneaks a peek over my shoulder when i'm reading her stories & recipes!

feeling inspired a few weeks ago, i went through all my old magazines (real simple & cooks illustrated are my favorites), and ripped out all of my favorite recipes in an effort to consolidate and simplify and make it easier to decide what's for dinner. i put them all in individual sheet protectors, and even threw in some loose recipes that i had been keeping in an expandable file that i never looked at. in the last few weeks, i have cooked more good recipes that have been hiding in my box of old mags in my basement than i could have ever imagined!

i decided to put the one i'm trying tonight -cauliflower casserole - an old standard (the zucchini version) of a good friend of mine, and one i've tried on several other occasions - onto tasty kitchen. i made it tonight for our cookout w/ h & his roommates. we'll see how it fares in the land of testosterone!

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Harrison said...

MMMMMM blueberry cobbler?!