May 18, 2009

b-day weekends!

this weekend was super-packed with lots of birthday activities!

friday we made a delicious dinner & went to dave&busters with my girlfriends. every night out in short pump we run into someone we most likely don't expect to see... this time it was el's first bf (hehe). we did not get shot, thank goodness! we played trivia until we ran out of money (although now even arcades are all on plastic) & it was past midnight...

saturday morning we woke up early and took a walk with v around carytown. i stopped for a coffee at jean jacques, and then to visit our friend j who works at williams bakery (owned by our friend summer's family). we got some "bugs" (vanilla cake bites with chocolate frosting & cute butterfly designs on them) for my family for lunch and a very delicious double carrot cake for h's brother's birthday (also saturday). they had some fondant cakes that were going out later that day in the fridge that were GORGEOUS. they do wedding cakes, too!

we had lunch at my dad's for my stepmom's birthday in the west end and then off to the southside to have dinner with h's family for his bro's 20th. h nearly conned his bro into having dinner at olive garden. after we had properly stuffed ourselves, we went home, devoured the carrot cake, and watched harry potter until i got tired & cranky. ( :

sunday was the triplets birthday! we got them all fishing poles, which they fought with, and they received a lot of nerf guns, which they fought with. i think at age 8, they'd fight with anything. their mom was tricky, and somehow kept thier birthday venue a secret, so first we had to make a trip to the library (where they had been told their party was), before going to the dump, where they were puzzled until they realized why they were there- to throw out their booster seats!

after knocking each other in the head, we headed to the real party - g force karts! the kids played laser tag & played on inflatables while the "chaperones" went go karting. i could have gotten the "driving miss daisy" award, but it was super-fun. then there was more playing and singing at red robin and time to go home, open up the presents, and get ready for bed. but not without shoving gum in the others' hair! l's bumper sticker is right, living with triplets is NEVER boring!

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