May 15, 2009

caphill lunches.

i absolutely love capitol hill. the best part about working on the job sites near the nationals stadium is frequenting eastern market & barracks row eateries & shops (where matchbox is; first mentioned here). captiol hill books (7th & c streeets, southeast) is one of my favorite used bookstores, loaded floor to ceiling with the best-smelling used books around. i pass by it nearly everyday as i grab lunch at marvelous market next door.

today i rushed out, salad & empanadas in tow, to get back to the office and realize that my salad was expired (shriveled up lettuce & cucumbers and a horrible, horrible smell). i went back and they quickly exchanged it & felt really, really bad!

i love the houses here! i noticed an extraordinary amount of them were for sale.

and then i found this... doggie beer. no lies. $2.50. there were 2 flavors, beefy brown ale & something chow. we'll see how v likes it... ( :


Rachel said...

doggy beer?? i need to find some!

Anonymous said...

I like the sailboat look. On NOLS, we hardly saw any good sailboat names, except a little boat called "The Putter" haha. I like the name "When & If" though.