February 25, 2009


home from another long day at the office
look in fridge for something quick and nutritious for dinner before running off to see jb's show
n & i have some pretty quirky eating habits who knows what i'll find in our kitchen...
pick out ingredient: broccoli
look up broccoli recipes on 101cookbooks (this has become habit as of recent)
find broccoli crunch: cold "salad" with crispy broccoli, fried crispy shallots, candied pecans, red onions, chives, and apples with a peanut butter/lemon/honey sauce
and yes we have all those ingredients (told ya we were crazy)
fast & delicious
4 stars
don't turn on the tv so i can hear neighbor's eclectic music
wish i could hang out with middle aged man next door and steal/borrow his music
he would like me i think
feeling kick of red onion
glass of milk
check my e-mail
grab a mint
out the door

1 comment:

Singmesoftly said...

nice day then!! haha =) nice you have some recipee book!! =)