February 26, 2009

tears at the office.

where to start. well, my mom owned a sewing machine. a bernina manual 1008. you can barely buy it anymore, nobody buys manual machines anymore. my local sewing shop has one. it's on sale right now for $874.30. my dad has allowed/given/gifted (who the hell knows) this sewing machine to his wife (i'm not even going to call her my step-mother anymore). his wife, who hates me and has for the last 13 years. his wife who is 35 going on 15. she has decided that i am no longer allowed to use it because i "borrowed" it at thanksgiving and didn't give it back until the week after christmas. oh. my. god. failing to mention that she apparently messed up the tension and then it sat in the repair shop for weeks. i seriously cannot believe that this fucking sewing machine is going to ruin my relationship with my dad. his response when i questioned why she thought it was returned "late" by a day: "whatever."

whatever dad. i see you've already made your choice. it's not worth it anymore.

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