February 12, 2009


wow. so when you have the most amazing boyfriend and absolutely wonderful friends and a crazy busy job and an extraordinary puppy & 2 crazy kittens...

you completely forget that you used to have a blog.


since october, life has been absolutely insane. here's a brief rundown:
  • first, we got the craziest kittens ever: miley & pepper. then they got spayed and now they are crazier.
  • i went to my first nfl game! it was cold & rainy, but i was with excellent company.
  • i spent all of november & december traveling for work. i did discover christmas tree shops. why are there none of them in virginia? they are wonderful. and i drove through new york city the friday before christmas in the snow. i don't recommend it. we did get to stay in a swanky hotel and i got to see "the tree."
  • i only had to call triple a two times. once i locked my keys out of my car blocking a driveway to an industrial facility. the other time i ran over a giant metal nail/plank inside a warehouse building. oops.
  • i spent a lot of quality time with my girls at home. i loved that.
  • the bf took me to luray for 4 days for my christmas present. it was just us & the dog & log of wilderness. i loved it. even though i think it was a scam to see civil war battlefields.
  • i spent all of january in the office. it was interesting. i helped plan a work dinner party in early february and started working on buisness development. i like my job. i just wish i could pick it up and put it in richmond.
  • i spent a lot of time being sick: the common cold, mysterious back pain requiring er visits, incorrect lab results from said er visit causing me many crying hours and lots of bloodwork. two good things: i realized my relationship w/ h is stronger than i ever imagined and i think i'm ready to donate blood (that is, if they'll take blood from an anemic).
  • and i survived the inauguration. ( :
alright. i promise i'll be better at writing again. maybe.

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