December 17, 2009


h ordered a new laptop from hp a few weeks ago.
(if you signed up for verizon fios you got a $299 gift card for hp)
he is like a little kid waiting for christmas morning.
(he currently is using my laptop as his computer is slowly dying.)

every day he gets up and checks the hp website.
it was still in production 5 days after the estimated ship date.
thought someone was going to reach through the phone...

but yesterday
it shipped!

today it was ready to be accessed on fedex's website.
it's currently in shanghai, cn.
"is there a shanghai in connecticut?"
he asks at 7:15 am,
"what's the abbreviation for connecticut?"
"ct," i say.
wishful thinking.

on the way out the door for v's walk,
"how long do you think it'll take to get here from china?"

on the way back into the house from the walk,
"do you know which way the tradewinds go?
is it faster to fly from china to here?
how long is the flight to china?"

shouting from the shower,
"if it shipped at 4 pm, is that our time or china's time?
what time is it in china now?"

getting dressed,
"can you refresh the fedex page?
anything changed?"

on the way out the door,
"what if it's like castaway?!
and the plane crashes
the there are fedex boxes everywhere
and a local finds them
and steals my laptop
and goes back to his island
and listens to itunes?"
"it is coming with an american power cord,"
i say.
"well it does have a battery,"
he replies,
"what if it doesn't make it!?"

one step out the door,
"you'll be here to sign for it, right?"

poor guy.
making himself sick over it.

 if you're reading this,
it's now been updated.
it will arrive on december 22
at 10:30 am.
but it's still in shanghai, connecticut for now.

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Jenny said...

I can so see him saying and doing all those things! At least it will be there before Christmas.