December 16, 2009


i was just speaking to my good
albeit unemployed
(here's your long-awaited shout-out)

he told me he's no longer fretting
that he is unemployed,
if you are unemployed for 6 months
and you anticipate living to approximately 70 years,
that is 0.007% of your life.

so don't fret friends
who may be job-searching.
it's no a big deal
in the long run.


Michelle said...

It's only been two weeks and it's really not as scary as I imagined it would be. Sure, it gets stressful from time to time when your mind starts to wander & worry sets in, but other than that, unemployment - I think - has added a few years to my life (because that job I left surely would have been the end of sanity, at least).

Great words of wisdom from your friend, D...puts things into perspective!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the encouragement!