December 12, 2009

childhood memories.

i have fond memories of evenings growing up.
dinners on the grill.
or breakfast for dinner.
watching the simpsons.
listening and practicing piano.
and, as i was recently reminded, playing deer.
(normal kids play house. rural kids play deer).

but mostly,
we got excited for brooklyn bridge.

i loved that show.
i wanted to BE in that show.
it went off the air after only 2 or 3 seasons.
we didn't love another show like we loved brooklyn bridge.
although american dreams and freaks & geeks came close.
both also cancelled.
why do they cancel the good shows?

according to wikipedia & imdb:
brooklyn bridge aired on cbs between 1991 & 1993
about a jewish american family living in brooklyn in the mid-50s
based on childhood of exec producer gary david goldberg
won a golden globe
nominated for an emmy after the first season
(again... why do they cancel the good shows?)
cast of marion ross (happy days), peter friedman, jenny lewis (rilo kiley)
theme song by art garfunkel.

i remember being enamored with alan's life
he had a romance with this irish girl, katie.
just found out that katie was played by rilo kiley.
who i saw in concert open for coldplay in 2006.
small world.

well folks,
good news.
(as far as i know my sister is the only interested party)
allegedly, cbs is set to release brooklyn bridge on
don't get excited and try to buy the dvds online before then.
the only people who sell them now are scams
(according to internet reviews)
i'm not sure if this date is legit,
but i sure hope it is.

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Rachel said...

Never seen it! Will have to check it out in March.