October 28, 2009

uh oh.

so yesterday was my first personal training appointment that the gym forced me to attend. i met with steven who first yelled at me about having no goals, and then made me feel like an idiot for not tracking my caloric intake. so i decided that i would write everything i eat in a day down. on tweetwhatyoueat. i'm in front of a computer, or with a cell phone all day, so why not? 

apparently i am under-eater. i should be consuming AT LEAST 2,000 calories/day to maintain my current weight (135 lbs) and body mass index (22%). i'm not even getting close. oops. i already inputted all of yesterday and today (w/ projected dinner): 

i suppose you can't see, but the total for today is 1,317 calories (yesterday was 952). there is NO way, that if i ate the "active lifestyle" estimate of 2,600 calories i would maintain my weight. are they crazy? am i crazy? 

still debating if personal training is worth it. sigh.


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