October 27, 2009

so sorry.

i wanted to apologize for my lack of posts recently, as i have been insanely busy at work and preparing surprises for some lovely people!  

i wanted to dedicate this post to goals. i think the first post i ever did (when i was using iweb) was about my resolutions/goals for the year.  it's no longer published, but here it is from my desktop:

little did i know what i had coming for me - buying a digital camera, "adopting" a dog, meeting h. 2008 was a good year. 

well. i'm starting early this year. now that i feel "at home" in richmond again, i think it's time to develop some new goals. this whole conversation was sparked when i joined the gym last night. in my "free personal training session" tonight, i have to discuss my goals with my new friend, steven. i thought his eyes were going to bug out of his head when i told him i had no goals. he told me to sleep on it and we'd meet again today at 5. so guys. i have till today at 5 to make me some goals. i didn't really want to loose a weight, or get muscle. i just want to remain the same. maybe i could improve my mile time or be able to run a little bit longer. the more i thought of it, the more i had... the worst part is, i'm really bad at goals if they're too boring (like, "work out more"), they have to be more interesting. and not too many. i won't be able to keep up with them.

so my goals: 
  • still: take more pictures. i was doing well for a while, but i am still missing the small, everyday stuff. h's football games, beautiful days in the park, new fun places. also going along with this - uploading my pictures more often.
  • stress management. don't get worked up about small things. case in point: this morning when i hung up for the nth time on the guy from hp who insists he can't fix my printer. my sister says i should do this when i'm stressed:

  • plan out my meals. this should be better with my new pioneer woman cookbook, and the real simple easy, delicious meals cookbook i got my eyes on. this also goes with: 
  • eating healthier & shop locally. excited about visiting some more farmer's markets, even though they won't be open for much longer.
  • run with a goal. i'm not much into work-out fads. i'm okay with running, and i'll run for miles w/out getting tired. i just get bored. so i made myself a goal that i can't reach in one sitting (like i did with the 10k). 13.1 miles this time. now i have to convince my sister to let me run it with her! hopefully steven will like this goal.
  • write more snail mail ( : 
  • shop more efficiently & stick to my budget. especially during the holidays. amen. 
what are your goals for the rest of year? got any tips for me? ( :

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Rebecca said...

Come run the Rock 'N Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon in February with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!