October 01, 2009

new music... thursday.

i used to buy a new cd or song every tuesday on itunes. since my mac has been down for a while, i haven't, but buz got me a itunes gift card for my birthday, and i thought i'd get something new for my trip to insanity to take the test of insanity. so i caved. i bought kings of leon. and i am obsessed.

listen for yourself.

i also realized buz has her own tag. she must be pretty cool!


LES said...

Good work Pos! I am little obsessed with KoL.

Rachel said...

I should look into them. Sadly I'm too busy buying Glee songs on iTunes. I am the biggest dork.

PS...you should totally come to the SE VA blog meetup! It'll probably be at the beach, but I'd love for you to be my date!

Colleen said...

I love that I have my own tag!! Thank you thank you. I will have to blog something too soon.