October 01, 2009

completely voluntary.

my company, wsp group, is one of the first companies in the uk to offer a completely voluntary program for it's employees to track personal carbon emissions and be either a) monetarily rewarded for decreasing their emissions or b) fined if they do not meet the limit (up to 100 pounds).

read the article from bbc here: Employees Fined for CO2 Emissions

would you sign up for it?

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Harrison said...

Very interesting and novel idea. Since I am sure I would be fined more than rewarded, I would find out the limits of the emission levels and work my way to the reward stage then I would volunteer my emission stats. Who does the money even go to if you are fined? If you say an end-of-the-year-save- the-earth-bash or to a charity then I wouldn't mind volunteering earlier but no way on earth would I volunteer my hard earned money back to someone in the company. I think you will be killed in the heating your home portion of emissions so do they take exceptions like when you have to fly to a client? I don't believe you could ride your bike to South Carolina...
Next thing on the agenda to reduce is emissions of methane! ;)