April 29, 2009

a sad goodbye.

today, on my way to work, i stopped by murky coffee, my favorite arlington institution. my coworker, rej, told me he had been by and read a note by the owner (on their website, too) announcing that they were closing. i'm going out of town again tomorrow, and since they haven't announced their closing date, i figured i'd better get a cappuccino-it could (sadly) be my last. there's just something about freshly ground, freshly pressed cappuccino. it's not fast, as the customer before me hastily pointed out, but it's good. if you want a fast coffee, you go to 7eleven. if you want a good coffee, you sit your butt down and wait.

i'll be sad to see murky renovated. it doesn't have central air, and the second floor is hot & sticky in the summer, but nothing an iced tea or coffee can't remedy. the windows are old, with undulating glass panes that magnify in spots. and the foamed milk. sigh. the foamed milk. the baristas are so good, they pour the milk into the drinks in patterns of hearts and shamrocks. i don't care if they're moving or i'm moving, i'm going to miss my weekly trips & pick-me-ups of the last few years.

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