April 27, 2009

date night.

as a thank-you for helping clean h's apt on friday, he took me to dinner at kitchen 64 off boulevard in richmond. we got seated fast & i promptly ordered my ginger mojito, mmm. it's like an upscale diner-all of the plates were reasonably priced ($10-15) and very large portions. i suggest the fish tacos. the only downside is it's not within walking distance from carytown.


Rachel said...

RPos - This is our RWare and I just wanna say hi! I've been meaning to share my blog with you for awhile, and this post has brought me out of my shell! I have a friend whose family lives write down the street from this place and she raves about it. I so wanna go! Miss you :)

Rachel said...

ps...write? oh my...I am a teacher. please know I meant RIGHT!