February 13, 2009

jmu, i miss you.

just googled jmu in an effort to find venus a new jmu doggie collar for her 21st (3xdoggie years) birthday. urban dictionary was the first hit. let the nostalagia set in...

james madison university: also known as J-M-EWWW
example: "he used to be a nice church boy, and now he goes to jmu."

james madison university: nestled in the bustling rural town of harrisonburg, va, jmu is best known for it's 16/9 ratio of girls to guys and wild block parties. jmu also houses many excellent academic and music program including the top education program in the state and the award-winning marching royal dukes. in a land of popped collars and fake pears, the anthem, "we pregame like you party" can be heard loud and clear. recent notable events include: duke dog cheated out of the capital one mascot of the year award (2004), ncaa division 1-aa football champions (2004), and mention of jmaddy.com in a not-so-flattering glamour magazine article (march 2006). jmu: the school for academics and fun.



Colleen said...

heart that article. a reasonable description I would say.

Glad you are blogging again.

er visits? I had no idea. I am sorry.

Colleen said...

And also on urbandictionary:
1. James Madison University

JMU is what dreams are made of... its not just a school, its a way of life. If you are privileged enough to go there or to experience its greatness, you are truly one of the lucky ones!