February 14, 2009

be jeal.

me & h with del mccoury band (l to r: del, h, me, alan(?), ron, and rob)

the show on friday night was amazing! then h woke me up on saturday morning at 8 am- he had shaved with a real razor (so smoooooth!), brought me purple roses, read me a 2-page+ rhyming poem he'd written, and gave me a beautiful necklace from dogeared with a message: let this necklace be a reminder to keep your circle positive and loving. when you act with your heart, love will surround you. thank you for making a difference!

that boy knows how to work it. he picked it out himself!

this is what h got for v-day:

a photo strip from kikkerland for his room, otherwise completely void of anything on the walls. filled with 17 absolutely precious pictures of me, h, & venus, of course!

tickets to see the heavens are hung in black. what else would a civil war-lover want for v-day? i am most excited about wearing my new dress & purple tights to the theattterrreee; assorted red candy from candy heaven: red pomegranate jelly bellys, jelly belly hearts, red sour patch kids, red gummy worms, and watermelon slices. i ate half of them before they made it home; and corny scratch off "lotto" tickets=classy. unfortunately they were super SUPER corny. as in: "champagne dinner" "your house" "next friday." ahhhhh!

happy valentine's day!

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