April 07, 2010

again, i apologize.

i am still very sorry for being m.i.a. 
i can tell you a little bit about what i have been doing.

i accepted a new position at a new consulting company
in richmond, virginia
that i am very excited about! 
a little bit more responsibility
and a little less stressful environment. 
i am very excited! 

but this meant saying goodbye to all of my wonderful coworkers
i hope to keep in touch with them
and would like to publicly thank them
for all that they have taught me in the last four years! 

i also took and passed the praxis 2 for earth science, 
in the hopes that in the next few years 
i may move on towards the teaching field. 
i have extensively been researching evening classes
for teacher licensure programs
and met with education professionals in the area about my future transition.
(becoming a teacher is hard work...!)

i will have a little more "rachel time"
to accomplish my hugely-long to-do list 
finally upload pictures from JANUARY
i have to start that etsy shop
finish a lot of craft projects
get ready for my baby sister's graduation
potentially start marathon training
start organizing curriculum
plan some vacations
(including obx with my family,
beach with the girls,
and to chicago in a week and a half
to see my fav les!)

so happy spring,
and here's to new beginnings ( : 


Michelle said...

You are a busy bee...there's no need to apologize!! :)

How was the Praxis II? I've only taken the Praxis I and did well for my first time. Except I need to re-do the math portion...I failed it by Virginia standards {one stinkin' point!}.

Maybe one of these days I'll head back to grad school to finish that Masters in Elementary Education degree that I started and just kind of forgot about.

Jenny said...

Congrats on passing the praxis 2 and your new job!! How exciting!

Becoming a teacher is def. hard work, but it's also the best profession out there. (I think!)It will all be worth it when you have your own classroom and students. (or so I keep telling myself, but I really believe it).

Good for you for going after your dreams! :)