January 07, 2010

less is more.

i have been loving reading everyone's resolutions lately!

i am pretty good with resolutions.
in 2008 i resoluted
to stop drinking soda
and start a blog
and be at peace with my life.
in 2009 i resolved to
take more pictures
learn to be a good pet owner
get outside more.
i did pretty well.

in 2010
i will resolve to:
(monetary guidelines in parentheses)

drink more water (free).
moisturize (about $10/month).
do more yoga (more than i anticipate).
spend less and save more (hopefully beaucoup $).
put v in dog therapy class (up to $100).
run a half marathon ($135 and cashing out my ff miles).
take more pictures ($0).
learn web design ($?).
see more live music (at least $150).
waste less (less $).

 one of my themes this year
with the exception of moisturizing & taking pictures & seeing music
(you get the point)
is a friend's mom's favorite quote:
less is more. 
(i always used to be a bratty child
and say
"no pat...
less is LESS than more."
now i know.)
so we shall see friends...
all help & encouragement is much appreciated.


Jenny said...

That last part made me laugh! That quote actually comes from a famous designer, Mies van der Rohe, I remember when I learned it in college, I thought no that's Pat's quote!!

Karen Leigh said...

I love this! i think my mom still has that newspaper clipping on the fridge still! LESS IS MORE!