January 04, 2010

hopeless, and a romantic.

nearly missed
the missed connections
but happened to find
this missed connection
is my favorite
and consequently
the first.

if i wrote one
for when i met h
(for the nth time)
it would say:

w4m - barely 24 (at the time)
you had a yellow shirt
sleeve ripped off
and now around your head
banana thunderrrr
you screamed.
you didn't notice me
in radiant red
i  think i remember you
crutches boy
from my college
freshman year dorm.
radiant red
went home
with a cold
from drinking too much
pool water.
thanks for the splashes.
can i have your number?


Jenny said...

That is almost as cute as the one H wrote for you!! :)

esull said...


Delighted and Charmed said...

Speaking of Craigslist missed connections....have you ever heard of Gabriel Kahane? Check him out here: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=94294813. He wrote Craigslistlieder, a song cycle based on the texts of anonymous Craigslist ads.