December 11, 2009


so i did finally get my act together and get my stockings & tree skirt made.

i bought the fabric weeks ago... 
the felt was nearly out of stock...
 i had to go to 2 places to find the pinking shears...
and the lady behind me thought i was going to make the ugliest curtains on the planet out of my silver & gold home decor fabric (hehe)... 

my inspiration for the felt stockings came from this stocking from hable construction for $76 (eeek!) 

and the tree skirt.
let me put a little disclaimer. 
i love sewing. looovvvveee it. 
i cannot for the life of me use a pattern.
i'd say i did pretty good. 
my plan is to put the tree overtop of the skirt. if i need to, i'll cut a slit in the back. 
it's felt so it won't tear. 

i was pretty pleased with how everything turned out. kind of shabby chic.
i'm glad the edges are all raggedy.
i'm glad that not everything matches. 
it just feels right.
it just feels like christmas. 

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emily posner said...

SUPER cute! I'm way jeal!