December 20, 2009

snow day(s)...

had a wonderful snow day yesterday
and a second wonderful day
in the making

our neighbors are
we woke up yesterday morning
(let's be real - afternoon)
and they were shoveling our front steps!

 yesterday afternoon
we took the pup
and played in the snow
with m and her bf
who loved v
(even if their kitties didn't)
and served us delicious hot cocoa!

we relaxed
(and played with the new computer)
and then went to our first christmas party of the season!
don't worry,
only 1 block away!
good music
good drinks
good friends
and a few good tacky sweaters
(photos to come).

today we got up
(h woke me up telling me
that he loved me more
than paula dean loves butter
how sweet!)
got ready
and walked to ellwood thompson's with the pup
for some farm-fresh eggs
potatoes & bacon
(from the hot bar)
sourdough bread
and coffee.

plan for today:
finish decorating tree at h's dads
finish up holiday present crafts (knitting, mostly)
cleaning up
more relaxing
( ;

less than a week to christmas!
i hope there's a little bit of snow left for an
white christmas!

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