December 23, 2009

seven plus 1 +++

i have seven wonderful girlfriends from home.
they are all crazy in their own special way,
and i love them all for it.
every year for christmas,
in lieu of giving seven gifts,
we all go out to a nice dinner and pay for ourselves.
last night we went to avenue 805,
(and although i thought we'd get kicked out for being so loud)
it was wonderful.

every year we make predictions for the next year.
typical predictions include
new house
new car
new job
the theme this year was 
men in twenty-ten.

lovey did me last year.
she reminded me that she predicted i'd move back to richmond
(which i laughed at
at the time)
and that i'd still be with h
and she got me again this year
(unfortunately for her, i like her predictions)
she predicted in 2010 i would:

take more vacation

still be with h ( :

start something new

be more crafty

and the one i hated most:
v won't get a puppy sibling yet.

i love our holiday traditions
and i love being in richmond to share more moments with my best girlies.

what holiday traditions do you have?

1 comment:

Jenny said...

going to dinner with you!!! :)