December 07, 2009

money issues.

yesterday h & i went to the green valley book fair and to take some pictures in the snow with v at our alma mater, jmu. we attempted to take a christmas card photo with wilson hall & the tree, but the tree looked pathetic, and after being in the car all day, so did we. pictures to follow... 

on the way home, h & i were having some political discussion about i don't remember (i was too sad that kline's had closed by 6pm even though their website clearly says it should be open until 9pm), when i realized that h didn't know who bernie madoff was. this led to reading wikipedia articles on my phone for over an hour. it is insane to me that all that money, that had been promised to all those non-profit organizations, could just disappear. 

this morning les "sent" me a link to a washington post article about neel kashkari, former aide to hank paulson. really makes you think about what happiness is. you should read it.

lovely screen shot from my computer. 

i just can't stop thinking that this man went from small-town guy to capitol hill to paulson's aide, to distributing $700 billion dollars (and making it to sexiest men alive?), a horrible life (health & family)... and dropping it all. amazing. 

i just can't stop thinking about it...

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