December 16, 2009

life with v.

life with a 75-pound black lab is always interesting. 

there is a little park about a block from our house.
it's fenced on three sides
which is great for obedient dogs
maybe not for bumbling, goofy, curious black labs. 

yesterday was a trial run (no pun intended).
we attached two leashes together and ran circles with her.
there was another dog there
(a really cute, older yellow lab)
playing with a tennis ball. 
v tried to join in...
...until she was sling-shotted with the leash. 

this morning the sky is a perfect blue
no clouds at all
and, under my request, we took her to the park
with her harness
(she always behaves better with the harness)
and let go (!!) of her leash.
we threw the tennis ball back & forth for about 20 minutes
she was a very good girl! 
no running after rogue squirrels
and no running into oncoming traffic! 

she is pooped now. 

this is where i found her after i got dressed
underneath my desk
sniffing around.
she almost never sits on the hardwood
(it's cold!)
when there are beds and couches and chairs around. 

it also doesn't help that h made beef jerky last night. 
and the whole house smells like dog food
can't wait to try it tho.

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