November 12, 2009

rainy days.

it's nasty out here today... makes me glad that i flew back from ithaca last night instead of today! they've even closed some of the schools east of us... 

i'm sad that v & i can't go out for our morning walk, and she's sitting her moping around all day, but i love listening to the rain on the skylight above the steps. i'm curling up in my favorite cuddly sweater, my warm slippers, with a cup of hot cider and enjoying an hour or so to myself this morning (yesterday was a long day) to plan out some craft upcoming projects: 
  • a fabric covered cork board (mine is plain menswear fabric) for my necklaces which are currently in knotted balls in my jewelry box with some fabric covered push pins (of funky fabric), of course
  • plotting where i can find a headboard to repurpose and fabric to make a funky fabric covered headboard for our soon-to-be empty 2nd bedroom
  • cinderella inspired buttons for a scarf and hat set for my favorite 4 & 1/2 year old for xmas (all i can find were these)
  • make vintagey christmas ornaments like the ones farbs had on her blog a few weeks ago
  • figuring out how to make gloves like these delightful fingerless ones! 
  • and finishing up some christmas presents in the making... 
...back to work... have a great day! ( :

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Jenny said...

Love your ideas!!