November 25, 2009

blessed&thankful. amen.

last night we did our first annual (can i say that?) girls night christmas dinner at my house. i have been friends with all but one of these girls since i was 12, and some of them since i was 5! most of us (now) live in richmond, with the exception of b, who lives in new orleans and was home for the holidays.

i got 2 rotisserie chickens, made pw's mashed potatoes, and rachael ray's soup-ed up boxed stuffing with walnuts & apples & red wine. everyone brought a dish: l's baked mac&cheese, lu's cheesy broccoli&rice, e's squash casserole, e's green bean casserole, jenny's sweet potato puree, k's pumpkin pie... it was SO delicious. 

but the best part was the friendship. i love these girls and we've been through really thick and really thin. there have been babies and marriages made, relationships broken, families changed, hearts and minds broken, but we have all come out okay - okay, and together. 

here's to many more! 

happy thanksgiving!


Michelle said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

So glad you guys were able to all get together & rejoice in each other's friendship.

The menu has me drooling right now!!

Jenny said...

Yes you can say annual!!! Thanks again for having us over!

Karen Leigh said...

you are the best! i love that we are still friends!! thanks for hosting!!