November 23, 2009

(almost) official.

sorry for the lack of posts. a 70-plus-hour workweek followed by a weekend of moving and (trying) to be lazy do not equate to a highly-motivated me.

h has officially moved in, nearly everything but signed the lease now. some things i welcomed with open arms (amazing new bed) and others... well... big sigh. ( ; my office has been converted into a "man-cave," but not to my dismay. although i originally scoffed at this idea, it proves to be an EXCELLENT place for me to put all of the things that don't "match" the rest of the decor, plus is like a room that h can feel like is his own in a house that has already been decorated by a super-type-a woman. a huge big-screen tv, exposed brick walls, a bathroom, a couch and recliners, soon to be a fridge, and now there's talk of a bar... 

after a long day of cleaning, moving, trying to watch football, and more moving, we made heidi's broccoli cheddar soup with some disclaimers - ours looked nothing like hers... it looked more like panera's version. we used sharp cheddar, frozen broccoli cutlets, and we left our broccoli and potatoes chunky. we mixed in some flour and cream to thicken it. and served it with some cheddar jalapeno bread. what a great fall sunday dinner in front of football for our first night of being roommates! 

i'm super looking forward to thanksgiving dinner with my girlfriends tomorrow night! so excited we'll all be together...! 

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