October 12, 2009

there you go again.

i thought h was going to punch me in the face when i told him we were having squash quesadillas for dinner (not the biggest fan of the veggie). he was little more excited about tomatillo salsa, tho. i got the tomatillos from the farmer's market, and the squash from our local organic grocery store, ellwood thompson's. served it all up with some fried sweet corn with williams-sonoma chili-lime rub (thanks noel!), affectionately called "mexi-spice" at our house, avocado slices with sea salt, and finished with some grape pie, courtesy of our houseguest, matt (& straight from naples, ny) shared with some good company...

this recipe was courtesy of smitten kitchen and it really was as beautiful as it looks! i did everything nearly as she described, with the exception of subsituting anaheim peppers instead of jalapenos & poblanos - just a little more mild! and, at h's wonderful suggestion, added cilantro & a splash of lime to the salsa verde.

i'm even excited about the leftovers!

photo from smitten kitchen. 

h's comments: "don't tell your friends i'm going to punch you in the face... what are they going to think about me?"

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