October 09, 2009

new things.

i got this cookbook last year for my birthday from my wonderful auntie who knows how much i love to go to the farmers market & attempt to cook my purchases. although it's divided into seasons (which i like) and a has a few great photos (which i love), i hadn't found anything to cook in it. until last night. i made chicken drumsticks stuffed with lavender chevre (farmer's market pick) and served with cous cous (the food so nice they named it twice) and swiss chard (another farmer's market purchase).

i also made a little cucumber and mint (from corey's garden -thx!) salad with feta from eat well, my most recent favorite cookbook.

and while we're talking about cookbooks, let's talk about how much i can't wait for my pre-ordered cookbook from the pioneer woman!

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Colleen said...

the food so nice they named it twice! You know that's my favorite food description.

And I heart the pioneer woman! I hope her cookbook is as good as I imagine.