October 29, 2009

I swear, he did this on his own accord.

OMG!!  Faithful readers... I have the most amazing boyfriend alive!  He dressed up in my favorite khakis of his and shaved and brought me flowers and took me on a date tonight!!

Just kidding.  But not really.  This really is H.  And I did take Rachel on a date tonight.  I decided, from my small list of places approved by Rachel that were participating in Richmond's Restaurant Week, to go Stronghill Dining Company. But I didn't let her know ahead of time.

I remember now why I choose not to go to the fancy restaurants... and it just so happens to be the same reason I think Rachel really wanted me to go to a fancy restaurant... portion control.

The food at this place was pretty good but I don't think it was excellent but what do is I know I am not a holy crap-get-a-life-food critic from Top Chef.  My only real problem arises from the fact that I am a real man who LOVES to eat.  I strongly support venues that serve buffets from the sunrise to well after the sun goes down (places such as Golden Corral).  There really is nothing quite like a smorgasbord of delectable treats to get the senses tingling with excitement (and more bang-for-your-buck)!

Case in point - they served the very first course - an oyster mushroom and duck confit miso soup, in bowl-like dinner plates.  We had to swirl the soup to create a vortex and then move the spoon in the opposite direction to scoop up the fishy broth. And it was fishy.  There were easier methods such as tipping and slurping but again we were not at the Golden Corral.  I decided to order a new beer to go with the steak I ordered.  It was a very nice beer - Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout.  It was pint size so I thought it would be perfect for the size of my steak.  Ohhh was I wrong.  I should have ordered a shot of beer instead. Dessert was a pumpkin apple pie. It was light and fluffy. Again a small portion on a giant plate with a giant mint leaf. Good, but nothing like those rich, creamy desserts you can get elsewhere.

My tiny steak and Rachel's two giant scallops. 

Out of a possible 45,692 points, Stronghill Dining Company received a total 27,656 points

But truth be told, in the end, I wouldn't trade a date night with Rachel, regardless of the location,  for anything because I am firm believer in its not where you are but who you are with - even if it was a date spent at a buffet.  That served pizza.

The end.

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