May 11, 2009

fair vanity.

as a business traveler, i'm always looking for interesting literature to read on planes & trains. vanity fair, the atlantic monthly, national geographic, and occasionally real simple and readymade are top on my list of periodicals. one of my coworkers last week made fun of me for toting around a half-naked copy of gisele (vanity fair, may 2009). i tried to explain to him that it was quality reading. may's issue not only had a sexy photoshoot of gisele, but articles about rush limbaugh, the new york times family legacy, the bohemian club in the redwood forest, teddy roosevelt's contribution to our national parks (including some ansel adam's photography), the smuggling of the mona lisa, and an excerpt from tarantino's new movie with brad pitt, inglorious bastards (looks awesome).

and it has every fashion magazine's odds&ends (which i oftentimes find myself obsessing over) like:

they even have a shout out to the dc cherry blossom festival. i'd have taken a picture of it from the magazine, but i threw it at my coworker this morning just to prove i wasn't reading trash. ( :

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