May 01, 2009

look what i found.

i'd just like to point out my three best purchases of the day.

#1: slurpabowls. i have no idea what genious person invented these. i've been looking for transportable bowls for baby v for so long! currently, i'm using a tupperware container, which she inevitably spills anyway.

these are foldable bowls made from 100% recycled paper, and are coated, so you can use them a few times before you discard them in your recycling bin! they hold 2 cups, and come 6 bowls/pack. i found them on sale at the container store for $5/pack. AND, you can just slide them onto your leash, so you have nothing to carry! amazing.

isn't she cute? she's been so well behaved on these days when i've been working from home! today at lunch we went to the dog park in byrd park. i didn't even have to walk her with a leash! ( :

#2: avocado cutter (serving the avocado community since 1991). i found this at the grocery store in the avocado section. don't tell, but it was free, so i guess it doesn't count as a purchase. i think this thing is hilarious. i think it just amazes me that you can patent ANYTHING. someone patented this spoon/knife/thing. i'll admit, it does help with getting that gosh-darn pit out! apparently it also promotes the sales of avocados.

#3: ukrops chicken salad & white house rolls. o.m.g. i miss this almost as much as i miss my youth.

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Rachel said...

Oh I miss thee!!