May 06, 2009

dainty aiken.

so, i'm not usually up for it, but tonight i went out. to a bar. by myself. and i was pleasantly surprised. i've been to the aiken brewing company before (rej's fave), but i was tired of sitting around in my hotel room ranting about my horrible hotel room. i at least needed a drink. and everyone here is just so gosh darn nice!

first i met char & jim (my grandparents' names!) from savannah. they were great-hilarious. jim wanted to tell me all about virginia civil war history. char told me how brave i was for going out to eat by myself. they were super friendly and chatty and made me feel right at home. then i met greg, originally from danville, va and formerly of greenville, sc, and now of aiken, sc. we talked about jobs and buying houses and richmond and wonderful black labs (he has a lab named halo and apparantly has no problems with dog names that end in "o" getting confused with "no" commands... maybe apollo will work!!). he was excessively chatty, but very, very nice! i met molly who's family runs the aiken bluegrass festival, which has been delayed until the fall due to family issues & sponsorship. maybe the mccoury's can play... i'm really excited regardless to come back to aiken for some good bluegrass! and then i met howard. howard & i decided we should have met a long, long time ago, as we had been to many many many of the same bars over the years seeing the likes of widespread panic, keller williams, and larry & jenny keel. turns out the keels are friends of molly (molly & howard are long-time friends as well). what a small, small world!

and what a pleasant, pleasant night! now... if i only could remember what i did with the molly's contact information for the bluegrass festival... DOH! (too many rasberry wheats...)


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Harrison said...

Jim and I would be GREAT friends i feel...we could have a civil war knowledge off!