May 12, 2009


sd: you in the office this week?
me: i may be in tomorrow though, why?
sd: I'm writing a book, and I have writers block
me: what?
sd: oh yeah, I meant to ask if it's okay to write a book about you
sd: I'll give you 18%
me: james wants to know if there will be a section on how to cook rabbit.
sd: tell him no, but the vilan in the book is a chicken
sd: who makes his stronghold in a walmart sporting goods section
sd: sorry, I just smoked some crazy shit some guy was selling by the subway in Redhook
and thought I'd write a book
me: oh yea? whatever you do, don't rub the pcbs on the rental car, they don't like that.
sd: that's also a lie
sd: i was just curious if you were going to be in the office tomorrow
sd: i may be there and I could use someones time to waste
me: what does gop stand for?
sd: grand ol' party
sd: although I've never been to a good one
sd: jk, Pittsburgh is probably 80% Republican
sd: not the rich kind, the racist, homophobic evil-doer hater kind
me: okay. gotta go. bye.

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