April 16, 2009

paris, tennessee.

this is the land of fish frys, eiffel tower replicas near the city swimmin' hole, cheap beer, good barbeque, friendly (albiet nosey) folk, and the best rolls & lemon ice box cake you could ever imagine...

we started out at whitt's barbeque in nashville (i was DYIN' for some sweet tea), and round about the time we got to paris it was nearly dinner time. we had a lovely meal at the fresh market where their draft pints are $1.95. yes. ONE NINETY FIVE. what do they do for happy hour?

every day we had lunch downtown at paulettes--a small little cafe that serves spectacular rolls and pies (we tried peanut butter pie & lemon ice box). mmmm. we had to take some of the rolls home they were so good! we found a little paris gift shop with everything you can think of with eiffel towers on it! they had these wonderful little candles by heirloom that was a moisturizer for your hands and feet. you allegedly burn the candle for a litte bit, and then pour the hot oil onto your fingers or toes. the best scent is wedding cake, for sure. the ones the had in the store were gift sets made from cup&saucers, but they aren't available online.

dinner on night #2, the hotel (to remain unnamed) staff recommended this little mexican restaurant where the owners used to be mexican and the food was good but then they got deported and the food sucked, but now they're back & the food is great again. yes. true story.

and, as it turns out, the president (on the tv show 24) is from paris, tennessee!

it was a good trip--a few pics to come... now it's off to chicago to visit buzby! ( :

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