March 13, 2009

working from home.

sorry for the lack of posting. i've had bronchitis for the last 8 days. note to self: don't get bronchitis again. don't work for 15 hours straight in freezing weather to contract bronchitis in the first place. there is no remedy for bronchitis. apparently it's viral. anyway. so because of this, today, which would have ordinarily been a day off for me to go to czc, i am working from home. venus cannot comprehend why, for god's sake, i have been sitting in front of the computer for the last 6 hours and have not been lounging on the couch with her or, god forbid, taking her for a walk and petting her incessently. instead, she has been pushing lucky the hedgehog against my leg for the last hour and a half. lucky was her valentine's day gift. he didn't have a name until he survived one whole week without going through surgery to get his squeaker removed. i would just like to give lucky a shoutout. and wish venus a happy birthday. she's 21. and that means she gets a new dog collar for big girls. (shhh, h doesn't know yet!)

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