October 07, 2008


roommates are god's gift to young women. roommates & dogs.

this weekend i moved from my tiny 1-bedroom apartment to a 3-story townhouse with my friend, n. quite a shock to have storage & my own laundry & multiple rooms & stairs & tvs & full size kitchen appliances! i forgot how much i missed living with girls. in college, i lived with 8-9 girls (depending on the semester) in a big plantation-style house complete with secret staircases, multi-colored rooms, creaky floors, and secret mysteries (the fuses were so old you couldn't even buy replacements at lowe's). realizing that we'd never all be best friends, we lived as pleasantly as possible for 9 twentysomething girls. it was pretty crazy.

i feel pretty lucky and very thankful that the world has brought n & and i together. we're from completely different backgrounds (she's half muslim, raised in a christian household; i'm jewish), have completely different careers, are at different points in our life. but we're both blunt, but respectful; organized, but down to earth. we both love to cook & garden & be outside. i'm pretty excited for this year.

it is one of life's simple pleasures to have amazing roommates. roommates who can read your mood, who you can make dinner with, and who always make the coffee when they wake up first. ( :

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