September 22, 2008

weekend, travel, work, travel, weekend.

my dad told me when i was young, there were two job options for my future. i could have a job that i loved that didn't pay a lot, or i could have a job that i loved that paid a lot. it would be acceptable to have a job that i didn't like that paid a lot, but only for a little bit. it was not acceptable to have the fourth option, a job i hated that didn't make me any money.

lately, i feel as if i just live weekend to weekend and work is something that has to be done in the meanwhile. sometimes i wonder if i'm really happy in my job. then there are days like today when i am decked out in hand-me-down-already-worn-in carhartt overalls, (child-sized) steel-toed boots, running through the cornfields and picking up snakes/caterpillars/centipedes/earthworms with sticks and spotting groundhogs and foxes from afar. i love being outside, and days like today make me never want to give them up!

and speaking of weekends-i had a great one! relaxing with friends, secret missions, lunching with the girls, breakfast in bed, lazy football sundays. it really was hard to wake up this morning! luckily, tonight i'm falling asleep in a snazzy historic hotel. it's a nice change from the usual chains... looking forward already to "the box," this weekend, and the upcoming move!

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