September 28, 2008


i like flowers from you. i like that you know my favorites. most of all, i like that every time i see them, i think about you.

i like to hear all of my friends say that they adore you. i think that all of your friends are wonderful, too.

i like that you finish my abbrevs. and tell me that i should stop holding in my sneezes and to check my blind spots more often.

i like that you do what you want and don't care what other people think, even when that means being seen in public with someone completely dressed in grey.

i like that we volunteer together. and i like watching you & your 7-year-old friends.

i like that you steal my books and read them faster than me. and beat me at wordtwist (sometimes). and tell me stories about safaris in africa.

i like fall weekends & adventures with you & venus. i like that you manage my calendar.

i like that you make up funny nicknames. sugar socks may be my favorite.

i hope i'm still the most sniffly person you know.

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