September 16, 2008

and... we're back!

okay, it's volume ii. i was sick of posting on iweb, so we're going to give this a try.

after spending over a month traveling all over the country (dc to aiken to dc to cincinatti to detroit to chicago to reno to tahoe to dc to richmond), i was ready to do my bi-monthly "shift" in southeast dc. while the project doesn't happen to be my favorite, i generally enjoy the people i work with and working in the city in general.

i love lunches in eastern market & coffee at peregrine and walking around everywhere and randomly dispersed farmer's markets and conversations with the vendors selling streetsense and people watching. in general, i love the city.

however, i couldn't be more excited to be moving to a new neighborhood with a front yard & a back yard & two sets of stairs & painted walls & old tile. i was in chicago a few weeks ago at an absolutely amazing coffeeshop w/ buzby and they had this clever little notebook with a question of the day. the question that day was, "if your life was a movie, what would be the title/subtitle?" our answer: country girls debate life in urban jungle. we've adjusted well, at least for now. ( :

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Noel said...

Sounds like an amazing time at the camp. Thats so awesome that you do that!!! Can't wait to move in :)